HIV Testing Program

The HIV testing Program conducts free rapid HIV & syphilis testing and linkage to care for those living with HIV.  All testing at HELP is done on a walk-in basis so there is no need for an appointment.  The primary focus of our program is expanding access to HIV testing for the gay community, but we test anyone who needs it. We use the INSTI Rapid HIV and Syphilis Health Check tests so you have your results in 1 minute (HIV) and 10 minutes(syphilis).  Testing is conducted from 9:30am – 5:00 pm Monday – Friday, and until 7:00pm on Mondays and Thursdays. In addition, we test at community events and in area gay bars.

For more information about our HIV Testing and Linkage Program:
Contact our office
Call: 817-332-7722
Email: Info@HELPfw.org
Website: oralconnect.org


LGBT Center (PrEP program)

HELP opened the HELP Center for LGBT Health and Wellness in July 2017.  The Center’s first initiative is a PrEP program.  Our clinic is one of two in the nation (that we know of) that provides free access to PrEP services regardless of insurance status.  Our clinic is based on a model created by the KIND Clinic in Austin.  Our clinic makes it possible for you to receive PrEP at no cost to see the practitioner, for required labs, or for your medications.  PrEP is the best tool we have had to allow our community to take control of their HIV status.  HELP is committed to eliminating the financial barriers many people face when trying to access PrEP.  The clinic is open Tuesday evenings from 5:00pm – 9:00pm and Saturdays from 10:00am – 2:00pm.

For more information about our PrEP Program:
Contact DeeJay Johannessen
Call: 817-332-7722
Email:  DeeJay@HELPfw.org
Complete application form: PrEP Application

Community Mobilization

HELP was funded to conduct a comprehensive HIV needs assessment in Tarrant County and to expand the reach of HIV services and programming throughout the community. This program brings leaders from the local gay community, along with elected officials and representative from other AIDS service organizations, together to effectively plan for meeting the HIV prevention and service needs of Tarrant County.

For more information about Community Mobilization:
Contact DeeJay Johannessen
Call: 817-332-7722
Email: DeeJay@HELPfw.org
Website: tarranthiv.com

Rubber Access Project (RAP)

HELP distributes more than 100,000 condoms each year through our RAP program. 60% of gay men in Tarrant County reported not having a condom when they needed one within the past year. This lack of condom availability is a major factor in risk-taking behavior. We distribute condoms to area gay bars, local organizations serving the gay community, and through our Condom of the Month program.

For more information about RAP:
Contact Jerel Murrah
Call: 817-332-7722
Email: Jerel@HELPfw.org
Website: rubberaccess.org


iPlay is the “friends don’t let friends drive drunk” of HIV prevention. This two-session program equips local leaders in the gay community to talk with and educate their friends about HIV and the importance of playing safe. The program has been proven to be effective in reducing the spread of HIV in the gay community. HELP is the only program in Texas chosen to conduct this nationally recognized strategy.

For more information about iPlay:
Contact Michael Cook
Call: 817-332-7722
Email: Michael@HELPfw.org
Website: iplayfw.org

STI Coalition

The Tarrant County STI Community Coalition develops and maintains collaborative relationships between representatives of the communities most affected by syphilis and gonorrhea and local health organizations. The Coalition designs strategic public health awareness campaigns to 1.) Increase public awareness of STI transmission, 2.) Increase both routine and extra-genital testing and treatment of STIs, and 3.) Provide strategies for individuals to reduce their risk of contracting or transmitting an STI.

For More information about the STI Coalition call
Contact Carol Creech